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Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. is a team of research professionals based out of the Maryland area. We are committed to providing quality-research consulting services for academic, private industry, and public sector. We are committed to enabling our clients to realize their research goals.

How We Can Help You!

Team Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. provides support services for clients that need assistance with current and/or future projects.

If you are in these situations we can help:

  • Have you begun your research and need help?
  • Are you stuck and not sure, what the next step should be?
  • Do you need someone that has been through the process and will steer you in the right direction?
  • Do you need an assignment edited or professionally reviewed?
  • Have you hit a writer’s block?
  • Do you just need help with a current or future project?

If so; contact Team Creative Creations, Inc. We will help you move forward toward your common goal[s]. We will motivate you, inspire you, and guide you toward your desired outcomes.

Referred clients now receive a reduce rate up to 25%


Creative Creations Consulting Inc. provides the following services:

Consulting – $75.00 per hour

Consulting services provided range from content of dissertation, to support services with a client that is near completion of a project.

Other consulting services include quantitative and qualitative questions in nature as well as simple steps to execute a study, just to name a few.

If you need help in preparing for ORALS Defense preparation and/or setting up a conference call for ORALS Defense the we are here to assist you.

APA Editing – Contact us for quote!

Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. provides quality, detailed APA editing services for clients. Editing services are open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as private industries and public sector organizations.

Data Collection – Contact us for quote!

Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. will assist or collect data for clients. The type of data collected could be interviews [face-to-face or telephone], historical data, surveys, or a combination of more than one method.

Data Analysis – Contact us for quote!

Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. conducts data analysis for quantitative and qualitative research projects.

Data Transcription – Contact us for quote!

Quality transcription services is provided for clients. Transcriptions are edited by more than one associate to ensure accuracy and clarity of content.

However, services such as data collection carry a much lower rate. Additional clients that contract for more than one service, will earn discount rates. Three or more services by a client could result in a free service. Package rates are available, for example, data analysis, editing, and consulting.

Potential clients are encouraged to contact Creative Creations Consulting, Inc. to obtain a price quote. Additionally, a client’s rate can be reduced up to 25% based on referrals. Payments are made via Paypal.

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