Academic Achievement Differences Between Racial/Ethnic and Gender Groups of Fifth-Grade Students: A Phenomenological Case Study

Calls for accountability, improved test scores, and narrowing the academic achievement differences between students in the same grade level require educators to bridge the differences and increase student achievement.

This qualitative phenomenological study used a modified van Kaam method by Moustakas with semi-structured, audio-taped, transcribed interviews to explore the perceptions of a purposive sample of educators.

The participants' perceptions and lived experiences were documented relating to strategies that might be implemented to decrease the academic achievement variances between racial/ethnic and gender groups of fifth-grade students reflected in the 2005 Maryland State Assessment test scores.

Results from the study suggested areas of improvement in education exist in teacher training/professional development, increased parental involvement, increased use of technology in the classrooms, and developing, integrating, and sustaining working relationships with community leaders.

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I am looking for 80 participants to participate in my upcoming handbook entitled The Lived Experiences of the Knowledge Worker. A Guide for Educators on Closing the Achievement Gap for All Students Dr. Tekemia Dorsey.

The book is an expansion of my dissertation that focused on the Academic Achievement Gaps of Racial/Ethnic and Gender Groups of Fifth Grade Students: A Phenomenological Case Study.

I am looking for a total of of 100 educators for the book. In my dissertation and now in the expansion of the book, I captured/will capture the lived experiences and perceptions of educators on the topic of closing the achievement gap for all students.

When educational reform efforts are considered, the information of the knowledge workers is not considered as much as it should be or not at all. It is my opinion that it is time that the voices of educators that teach our students daily are captured, documented, published, and considered when education laws, reforms, bills, etc. are enacted and passed.

I am looking for educators from Pre-K through 12 grade to participate in 20-30 minute interviews via in-person or telephone. The identity of the participant will remain confidential as the information shared is more important then the identity of the contributor.

If you know of anyone that is interested in participating, including yourself, please feel free to email me or give me a call at 443-413-5600. I can be emailed at drdorsey@creativecreationsconsulting.com. The definition of educators for the book are guidance counselors, principals. leaders, teachers, aides, etc.

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